OLI TINA a locally produced pure olive oil.

An extra virgin mono-varietal olive oil produced in the pristine island of Kithira. Its primary quality which mostly characterizes it, is its purity. The olive trees of some of more than 150 years old are found in a preserved location on crimson- colored soil in a hidden sun- exposed valley close to a natural river which waters fall from the mountains.

OLI TINA a refined and subtle olive oil

The refined aroma and light texture reveal all the nutrients to the pallet; the delicate taste of fish and hint of meat is balanced with a suggestion of fresh vegetables. OLI TINA the olive oil of the Chefs

OLI TINA olive oil possesses all the characteristics to seduce the most refined pallets. It possesses a light fruity taste perfect for any type of cooking. That is the reason why two of the most eminent Parisian chefs of two prestigious Parisian restaurants, Jérôme Banctel, a 2 star Chef of La Reserve Paris and Spa restaurant and William Lamagnère of La Closerie des Lilas restaurant have selected OLI TINA to be part of their selection of the best olive oil of the Northern Hemisphere of the new harvest; Its high concentration of polyphénols protects human cells against growing old.

Our team

Panagiotis Kallinikos, Emmanuelle Dechelette, Olivier Mourin, Kostas Liris

Panagiotis Kallinikos

Olivier Mourin

Olivier Mourin

Kythira, mythological island

The island of Kythira with products of excellence does not exist only in the imagination of the Enlightenment. This lost paradise, set between the Peloponnese and Crete, has a mild climate and the purity of a land away from the world. Its products have the flavor and delicacy of a land cradled by the spray.



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